Chartham Vineyard / Our Favourite English Wine Producers and Wines

Huge thanks to Chartham Vineyard for sending us four gorgeous wines to taste!

We know how lucky we are to have the opportunity to taste so many fantastic English wines, so we wanted to share our tasting with you.

Just because these wines are not on our website, does not mean we have decided not to stock them.

We are sent very many wines to taste, we have stock wish-lists of our own outside of these wines, and we also have a budget!!

We have edited this video to be less than 15 minutes in length so as to provide you with quick summaries of each wine.

Our actual tasting was far longer and more in depth than this – we are extremely thorough when tasting potential wines for our website.

It is essential to us that we have tasted every wine we stock and we can each personally vouch for the quality and character of the wines on offer.

We really enjoyed this tasting, and we have included a short section of video when we went off on a bit of a tangent comparing each of our favourite English wine producers and wines!

As ever, please let us know what you like and don’t like about our videos so we can improve our content in future.

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Wines tasted in this video were:

Blanc de Blancs 2017

Rose de Noirs 2017

Bacchus 2018

Pinot Noir 2018

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  1. Hello Becky and Sara,
    Really enjoyed the video of Chartham Vineyard Tasting – a nice blend of informative comment, humour and fun. Do you have plans to put us in the shop- in which case we can deliver to you any time.
    Thanks and best wishes,
    Richard & Roz

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