Nutbourne Vineyards – Robin Frean

Former London restauranteur turned apprentice vigneron and a passionate advocate of English wine. Robin Frean is now living the dream working for Nutbourne Vineyards in the heart of West Sussex wine country, just a stone’s throw from his family home. Sara takes us through the range…

Robin Frean of Nutbourne Vineyards working in the vineyard.
Robin Frean in Nutbourne’s Champagne clone, Scott Henry trellis system grown Pinot Noir.

1“This is the perfect summer wine – I know [ERW Co-Founder] Becky loves it, too.”

Blush 2019, £12.99

2. “I fell in love with this a few months ago, now an absolute favourite.”

Chardonnay 2018, £13.99

3. “Love this off-dry, Riesling-style blend of German varietals.”

Hedgerow 2018, £14.99

4. “This has to be our best sparkler under £20.”

Nutty Wild NV, £18.99

5. “Nutbourne Vineyards are so much more than just a wine brand – their unique wines all have so much individual character, like this Burgundy-style red.”

Pinot Noir 2018, £18.99

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