@torotrieswine – 7 Reasons To Follow Our Favourite Wine Influencer

Daphne created @torotrieswine in 2019 in order to document her WSET journey and talk about what was in her glass along the way. Currently studying for the diploma; you can find her sometimes acerbic but always amusing reviews on Instagram or at www.torotrieswine.com. Here, we summarise why she’s worth a follow…

Daphne aka @torotrieswine
A bottle of Gusbourne English Sparkling Wine

1. She Reps English Wine

Often on the luxury end of the scale – think Gusbourne and Sugrue – Daphne is known for her high-end English and Welsh wine reviews.

Sustainably-packaged box wine

2. She Has Her Finger On The Pulse

If you want to keep up to date with the latest in wine, chances are you’ll benefit from following @torotrieswine. This post features Laylo, a company which sells wine in sustainable box packaging.

A gorgeous bunch of roses and peonies.

3. It’s Not All Photos Of Wine

Wine and style come together on her profile for optimum aesthetic pleasure.

@torotrieswine enjoys a drink with a friend at a bar

4. She Keeps Good Company

More than your average at-home blogger, Daphne takes us out with her for drinks with friends. It never feels showy: Here she enjoys a glass of sparkling with @_allforwine.

@torotrieswine smiling.

5. She’s Honest

Something that’s often missing from Instagram, honesty is underrated. Daphne is humorous and straightforward when delivering honest feedback on both her wine tasting and her WSET Diploma journey.

Beautiful London bar

6. She Takes You To All The Hot Spots In London

London is constantly evolving, so it pays to follow someone in the know. Cue @torotrieswine and another one of her fabulous restaurant outings.

ABC Wild Boy Chardonnay

7. She Writes Straightforward Wine Reviews

All of us have read wine reviews that have left us wondering “But what does it actually taste like?”. That’s where Daphne comes in. This wine, for example, is reviewed as follows:

A total crowd pleaser… If you think you don’t like Chardonnay this will change your mind. Fresh, stone fruits and very subtle use of oak. For those of you that are die hard Burgundy fans, this might change your mind about New World Chardonnay. Whether you love the bottle design (I’m firmly in the love camp) or find it garish, I promise what’s in the bottle is really special.

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