English White Wine Collection

Discover the Essence of English Summer with our Delightful English White Wine Collection

Immerse yourself in the refreshing and vibrant flavors of English white wines with our specially curated case, perfect for enjoying during the summer season.


Tuffon Hall Bacchus is a flinty dry white, with notes of gooseberry and freshly cut grass.

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The Riverview Chardonnay is the debut wine from Riverview Crouch Valley. Single varietal Chardonnay hand-picked in October in the exceptional 2020 harvest.

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Awarded a bronze at the WineGB Awards 2019. A truly special wine with wonderful fresh citrus flavours and sealed with beautiful yellow wax, making every bottle individual.  A must try even if you don't usually love chardonnay.

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A lovely, easy drinking wine from the Essex/Hertfordshire border.

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1 × Stopham Estate Pinot Blanc
Stopham Estate Pinot Blanc is a complex and beautifully balanced dry white wine.

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Discover the Essence of English Summer with our Delightful English White Wine Collection

Immerse yourself in the refreshing and vibrant flavors of English white wines with our specially curated case, perfect for enjoying during the summer season. This exceptional collection showcases the diversity and quality of white wines produced across England, offering a selection that will elevate your summer gatherings and moments of relaxation. With each sip, you’ll experience the essence of the British countryside and the artistry of English winemaking.

1. Tuffon Hall Bacchus:

Uncover the beauty of Tuffon Hall Bacchus, a wine that epitomizes the elegance of English white wines. With its delicate aromas of elderflower and fresh-cut grass, this wine delights the senses. It enthralls the palate with notes of citrus, gooseberry, and nettle, creating a crisp and invigorating experience that perfectly captures the essence of summer.

2. Riverview Chardonnay:

Indulge in the richness and complexity of Riverview Chardonnay. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this wine showcases the balanced harmony of fruit and oak. Expect enticing aromas of tropical fruits and vanilla, leading to a palate layered with flavors of ripe pear, citrus, and a hint of toasted almond. Its smooth texture and vibrant acidity make it an exquisite choice for warm summer evenings.

3. Woodchurch Chardonnay:

Experience the elegance and finesse of Woodchurch Chardonnay. With its enticing aromas of green apple, lemon zest, and subtle floral notes, this wine captivates from the first sip. The palate reveals a perfect harmony of flavors, including citrus, stone fruits, and a hint of creamy vanilla. Its vibrant acidity and long, refreshing finish make it an ideal companion for alfresco dining and social gatherings.

4. Hazel End Triplet:

Delight in the delightful combination of three grape varieties with Hazel End Triplet. This unique blend results in a wine that exudes freshness and complexity. Expect lively aromas of elderflower, grapefruit, and pear, leading to a palate filled with layers of citrus, and a zesty finish. It’s a versatile wine that pairs wonderfully with a variety of summer dishes.

5. Nutbourne Hedgerow:

Savor the charm of Nutbourne Hedgerow, a white wine that transports you to the idyllic English countryside. This blend of white grape varieties boasts an aromatic bouquet of elderflower, nettle, and tropical fruits. On the palate, flavors of ripe peach, pear, and a hint of spice create a beautifully balanced and textured wine that is perfect for warm summer days.

6. Stopham Pinot Blanc:

Experience the allure of Stopham Pinot Blanc, a wine that embodies elegance and sophistication. With its delicate floral aromas and hints of pear and apple, it offers a refreshing and lively palate. The bright acidity and mineral notes complement the crisp fruit flavors, resulting in a wine that is both refined and memorable.


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Celebrate the joys of summer with our English white wine case, and let each bottle transport you to the picturesque vineyards of England. Order your case today and experience the unparalleled quality and taste of English white wines. Cheers to a memorable summer filled with exceptional wines!

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  • Alc Vol: 12%
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