Looking Behind the Brand

Deciding to start a business is a very exciting thing to do.

Convinced you will be a huge success, the world is at your feet, the opportunities feel endless and big decisions need to be made!

One of the biggest decisions to make is defining the brand. How do we want to come across to YOU?

Logo, web design, colours, packaging, social media – SO many things to get right.

What are we doing? Where do we want to take this? What first impression do we want to give? What value do we want to give our customers? How do we want our customers to feel when buying from us? When receiving their parcel? When opening it? When drinking Elizabeth Rose Wines?

These are just a few questions that ran through our heads a year and a half ago when we first decided to take the plunge!

We decided we wanted to appeal to people like us! Those with a keen interest in wine  and looking for a one stop shop for all their English & Welsh wine needs! We wanted to come across as people. As Becky and Sara. As experts in our field, but always learning and improving our knowledge of English & Welsh wines.

We wanted to come across as modern and simple, affordably luxurious, approachable, and above-all enthusiastic and passionate about this wine region we have a shared love for.

So how did the name Elizabeth Rose Wines come about? Well, it turns out it’s been with us forever! Our middle names are Elizabeth and Rose. We wanted the branding to come across as British and played around with a few obvious and cheesy names with this theme in mind. But then we realised, Queen Elizabeth… English Rose… The name was meant to be!

The next thing we knew we wanted was an active social media page. Avid Instagrammers already, we knew this would be a good place to start. I don’t know about you, but we find Instagram a really positive, friendly social media platform – and this is why we love it so much, because it introduces us to YOU and opens the door to interesting conversation and informative debate. We also like to  capture and share pretty pictures!

Another idea came from my Dad! As someone who has a reasonable cellar of wine, he complained that often he will open a bottle of wine, and perhaps someone will ask, or he will be curious – “Where did this wine come from?”. He looks at the bottle for more information, but to no avail. He cannot share where this bottle came from, he cannot remember and the bottle has no further information. So we solved Dad’s problem with our little Elizabeth Rose stickers! Our stickers come from Sticker Mule and we have to give them a little shout out as they have been super easy to work with, providing excellent service and a quality product. We also like to think of our stickers as our little stamps of approval!

We also love our branded packaging tape. We love that excited feeling when a parcel arrives, you know what it is and you can’t wait to get it open! So we wanted to brand our boxes in this way so the excitement begins the moment you see the box!

So there’s a little look Behind the Brand of Elizabeth Rose Wines! We hope that you think we’re doing things right! We’re thoroughly enjoying this business, getting to know you, our customer, and working out the best ways to provide you with excellent service and keep you informed on all things English & Welsh wine.

Happy Monday! Keep your eyes peeled for Elizabeth Rose Wines Black Friday deal which will be dropping on #WineWednesday !

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