NEW – The Future Of English Wine

Our Predictions For The Future Of English WineIn this exciting installment, we delve into the English wine genesis, exploring our future predictions for this rapidly growing industry.Join us as we sip and savor Folc's new…

28th May 2023


Viking War Site Turned English Vineyard

This time, Enchanted by English went ON TOUR to Hazel End Vineyard. Watch along to find out all about the three Heritage grapes grown in this historical hamlet. Do you have wine vouchers waiting…

1st April 2023


Who Is Elizabeth Rose?

This week, we’re sharing the Origin Story of Elizabeth Rose Wines. Exactly who is Elizabeth Rose, and what has she got to do with English wine? PLUS, we taste the gorgeous Woodchurch Chardonnay 2018 -…

21st March 2023

Riverview Chardonnay

Great Burgundy And Great Britain

Riverview Chardonnay This week, guest presenter Victoria presented three wines to us - BLIND. The aim? To get us to think very deeply about what exactly we were tasting. So, how did they compare, Great Burgundy and…

28th February 2023


What Is Blanc De Noirs?

This week we’re finding out - What Is Blanc de Noirs? How is it made? What does it taste like? Should it be decanted? PLUS, we find out about Martin’s Lane Vineyard in Essex -…

21st February 2023

Saffron Grange Classic Cuvée Gift

Mother’s Day Wine Gifts

Saffron Grange Classic Cuvée Gift To ensure your Mum gets a special treat this Mother's Day, we are gift wrapping all Mother's Day Wine Gifts and handwriting your gift messages with care. Below are some of my suggestions guaranteed to…

14th February 2023

Litmus White Pinot

White Wines From Red Grapes

Litmus White Pinot Eh? White wines from red grapes? What are you going on about..?! That's right! You can make a white wine from red wine grapes and we LOVE them! To potentially state the obvious, all grape…

11th February 2023