Vineyard in Norfolk: Winbirri Vineyard

There is arguably no higher accolade than a Decanter International Best in Show Award and Platinum Medal. In 2017 just 34 Platinum Medals were awarded out of over 17,200 entrants. One of those medals was awarded to Winbirri’s 2015 Bacchus. Now, Winbirri wines are adored by many across the world.

Bacchus: The God of Wine

Bacchus was the Roman god of agriculture, wine and fertility, it is also the name of one of the most important grape varieties planted in England. It can provide powerful flavours and character and naturally high acidity as a result of the climate here in the UK.

Platinum – Best in Show: Best Value White Single-Varietal Complex, oily nose with spice, elderflower and citrus. Well-defined on the palate with grassy notes. Very elegant and delicate with a slight spritz and a long, clean finish. A perfect aperitif wine!

BEST WINE <£40 on Vivino

Right now, Winbirri’s Bacchus is the #1 wine under £40 on Vivino’s wine review app. And at just £17.99, going up against wines of £39.99 for instance, that’s no mean feat.

Vineyard Vitals

Soil type:
Sandy loam, high flint content, well drained.

Surlingham, Norfolk, East Anglia
52° 36′ 22.824” N
1° 24′ 59.904” E


Bacchus, Solaris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Dornfelder, Rondo

33 on site and 10 elsewhere in Norfolk

Key people:
Lee Dyer, Vineyard Owner, Manager, Winemaker, Warehouseman, Receptionist, Head of Marketing and Tour Guide Extraordinaire!

Solaris for the Soul

Firstly, the Solaris: Parentage includes Pinot Gris, Riesling and Muscat. Choose Solaris because you love a soft, dry, aromatic white


Pinot Noir Rose, the Next Big Thing?

Secondly, the Pinot Noir Rose: Produced from two high end Burgundy clones, this Pinot Noir Rose is predicted to rival the Bacchus! The winemaking process – other than the first few hours of skin contact to get the pink colour – is identical to Winbirri’s Bacchus, and Lee is doubling production for 2020 because of demand.


Pinot Noir Red

Thirdly, the red Pinot Noir: There’s now an abundance of red Pinot Noirs throughout the UK, so how does Norfolk’s offering compare? It’s fragrant, soft and above all, flavourful, with beautiful aromas of ripe black cherries.


Signature Style

The Signature: A very popular red wine style for Winbirri, it is different from anything else out there. Because Winbirri recognises that there is a demand for this oaked and aged red wine style in the UK. The Signature is predominantly Dornfelder, bursting with rich plum and dark-berry fruits. In addition, it is spicy with notes of coffee and blackberries. Because of this, it’s a wonderful accompaniment to cheese.


Reserve Yourself a Case of This

The Reserve: Made exactly the same way as the Signature but with Rondo grapes. Both wines spend a year in a fermentation vessel, have 18 months in new to three year old American oak barrels, then go back into the fermentation vessel to reign in the oak a little. However, the Reserve is slightly heavier and slightly fuller bodied than the Signature. These wines are then bottle aged for between three to four years before release – therefore the current vintage is 2016. The Reserve is full-bodied and bursting with juicy autumn fruits with rich spices and vanilla on the nose.


Vintage Reserve

Most importantly, the Vintage Reserve: This Champagne-style traditional method sparkler makes a wonderful accompaniment to fish and chips because it is both creamy and toasty. Bursting with character, crisp and fresh. In other words, it’s one of the best you can find for <£30.

“I get to play seven days a week”

Lee Dyer, Owner, Winbirri Vineyard tells us about the romance and the reality of owning and running an English vineyard.

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Everything you need to know to plan your staycation in Surlingham:

Home of Winbirri Vineyards

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