Organic Wine

Sales of organic food and drink is increasing year on year and rose by 9.5% in 2018 to £2.2bn!  So why should we be buying organic wines? 

Firstly, what even is organic wine? 

Unsurprisingly, organic wines are made from organic grapes! These grapes are grown without the use of chemicals such as herbicides, and fungicides. 

You may believe that organic wines have no sulphites in them, and that isn’t strictly true.  Under EU law, wines that contain more than 10mg/l of Sulphur Dioxide must contain “contains sulphites” on the label.  Whilst some organic wines contain some sulphites, the limits are much reduced from other wines.    

For organic wines the limits of sulphites are:

∙ Red wine – 100mg/l 

∙ White/Rosé – 120mg/l 

∙ Sweet Wine – 250mg/l

For non-organic wines the limits of sulphites are:

∙ Red wine – 160mg/l 

∙ White/Rosé – 210mg/l 

∙ Sweet Wine – 400mg/l

So, why do people choose organic wine? 

There are really three main reasons people chose organic wine:

  1. Better for the environment – when chemicals are sprayed in a non-organic vineyard, it kills diseases to protect the crop.  However, it can also kill wildlife.  
  2. Better for themselves – some people like to keep the amount of chemicals used to grow their food and drink to a minimum to reduce the amount in their body. 
  3. Reduced sulphites = reduced hangovers – ok, so maybe it’s not that simple! But sulphites are believed to contribute to that lovely headache the morning after enjoying one too many bottles!

Growing organically in England and Wales is not easy!  Because of the difficulties, a lot of vineyards try and be as organic as possible without having the official status.  Many producers believe that organically grown grapes can lead to a better quality of wine.

Checkout some of our favourite organic English wines – 

The Albury Silent Pool – a stunning pale pink rose grown organically in Surry.  Like a Provence rose? You’ll love this one. 

The Trevibban Black Ram – an impressive wine which is one of our best sellers, and one of our personal favourites too! 

The Bardfield Anne of Cleves – This award-winning vineyard has been managed organically since 2017.  This award winning wine is amazing value and a real crowd pleaser. 

The Oxney Classic Sparkling – The UK’s largest single estate, organic vineyard! This wine is a fantastic example of English Sparkling Wine. 

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