Shop Small and Local – 10 Reasons Why

Why Should You Choose To Shop Small & Local?

  1. Firstly, many small businesses rely on income on a month on month basis and don’t have cash reserves to rely on – you can be the difference between that business continuing, or the business closing it’s doors forever.
  2. Secondly, you’ll be supporting the local economy, local jobs and local families.
  3. Thirdly, you’re much more likely to receive a personal experience and better customer service.
  4. Many small businesses use other small businesses, therefore you’re helping a whole chain of small companies when you shop with one.
  5. Local businesses champion local produce, therefore having a positive effect on the environment.
  6. You’ll find unique, different and limited edition items to buy.
  7. You can talk directly to the owners of the business and understand why they are so passionate about what they do – maybe you’ll learn something about the industry too!
  8. Even the smallest purchase will mean the world to the owners. Big retailers just see you as a number!
  9. Small retailers can offer great deals too! Don’t just look to the big players for excellent value!
  10. The more small businesses you use, the more you’ll find through recommendations, and just by being more aware.

Even if you can’t shop with small and local businesses this year, small things like following them on social media, liking their posts, or even just telling your friends about them can really help.

Let’s all help the small businesses this year. Vow to shop small and local to make this the best Christmas ever.

An info-graphic which shows simple ways to support small and local businesses

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