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Today’s feel good thought: Let’s all drink more fizz! 

Maybe I’ve been inspired by #openthatbottlenight or maybe I’m just feeling slightly deprived of bubbles post Christmas celebrations, but why do we have this idea that gorgeous sparkling wines are just for special occasions? 

The sparkling wine industry has seen a fall in sales since the pandemic began. This is only expected given our beloved restaurants are closed and we aren’t attending events where fizz flows endlessly, but I’m here to campaign that we don’t need an outing or special occasion to enjoy glorious wine. If anything, we need glorious wine more than ever to bring a little sparkle to our ‘stay at home’ lives. 

‘Open that bottle night’ is an evening created for the purpose of brightening the dullness of uneventful February by opening and appreciating that special bottle of wine…you know, the one in the wine rack that keeps calling your name but you’re ‘saving it’. It is an annual occasion but I think now more than ever we should jump at the chance to enjoy wine we love! For me, it’s all about the fizz. 

Let me add, it does not need to be a significant bottle with a high price tag or a fancy prestigious story! Just pick a wine that you love or try something new and exciting; let it put a smile on your face. We all know wine is better shared, so why not arrange a virtual catch up with friends you’ve been meaning to reach out to! Get them to open their ‘happy bottles’ too and we can all raise a glass together. 

The official #OpenThatBottle night is this Saturday, but my advice is next time you need a pick-me-up don’t reach for your supermarket staples just because it’s Tuesday. Open a bottle that is really going to put a smile on your face! 

Below are some of my favourite Happy Wines 😀 

Please drink responsibly 

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