The English Wine Industry Goes From Strength To Strength

More Vines, More Wines, More People Choosing English!

2020 was a strange year, but the English wine industry has shown it’s strength and the support from wine drinkers has been phenomenal.


There are now over 800 vineyards and just under 200 wineries in England and Wales. Most vineyards are in the South East of England, however more and more vineyards are being planted all over the country. 2020 saw 1.4 million vines planted!

Consumers are increasingly picking local produce for their food, and their wine choice is no different! Filter our collection by region to find your local wine.


Sparkling wine dominates English and Welsh wine production. Sixty four percent of wines produced are sparkling. However, at ERW we see a huge demand for still wines – red in particular!

Choosing English

Last year, industry sales increased by 30% to some 7.1 million bottles! At Elizabeth Rose, we are pleased to see our growth towering above the English wine industry average. With repeat customers and new customers alike, it is excellent to see that our passion for the wines reach every corner of the country.

Not sure what to drink? Here are our September recommendations…

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Read the full WineGB industry report here.

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