White Wines From Red Grapes

Litmus White Pinot

Eh? White wines from red grapes? What are you going on about..?!

That’s right! You can make a white wine from red wine grapes and we LOVE them!

To potentially state the obvious, all grape juice is clear. It’s just the skin of the grape that is coloured. Therefore, you can make a white wine from a red wine grape by removing the skin from the grape in the wine making process.

So what makes these wines so special? Well, white wines made this way usually give a very different flavour than other white wines. You can expect complexity, body and a fuller mouth feel. In other wine regions, similar wines are White Bordeaux, White Rioja and White Cotes du Rhone – all wines that are highly regarded, and English wines are no different!

We recommend these wines to people who love something a little more complex and richer. We really enjoy these wines, and feel they deserve the spot light! Whilst they may be a little more expensive that your usual bottle, trust us when we say they are worth every penny…

We’ve selected three beautiful white wines from red grapes below. Give them a try and we’d love to hear what you think!

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