Champagne vs English Sparkling Wine

Is It Really Worth It?

This week we take on a big debate – Champagne vs English Sparkling Wine – Is It Really Worth It?

Spoiler alert, as English Sparkling Wine merchants, we are pro English Sparkling Wine. BUT, have a watch – or listen on Spotify, to find out exactly WHY English Sparkling Wine is so special.

Champagne vs English Sparkling Wine on Spotify

What Else Is New This Week?

Valentine’s Day Special Offers

The nights are drawing out, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We are currently offering a huge 15% off ALL Sparkling Wine, and you can include your own personalised gift message for free!

Tim Atkin MW England Special Report 2022

Tim Atkin MW has released his England Special Report 2022. With over 300 wines tasted, both still and sparkling, the report teases: After the challenges of 2021, 2022 is proving that 2018 and 2020 were no flukes, either. England may rest at the Northern limits of viticultural viability, but the ball is increasingly falling on the right side of the line.

The Perfect English Sparkling Wine Glass - Riedel's Veloce Glass

Riedel’s Hunt For An English Sparkling Wine Glass

This is big news for English Sparkling Wine’s global reputation. Only the most prestigious, best wines are given the time and dedication involved in creating a wine glass specifically designed for its consumption. Maximillian Riedel toured the South of England and tasted English Sparkling Wines from different counties in various glass shapes and styles, to help influence a new design. Which glass came out on top over and over again? The Riedel Veloce Riesling Glass. If you’re looking to elevate your English Sparkling Wine drinking, upgrade your glasses. We explored the difference glass shapes can make in Episode 2 of Enchanted by English. It’s a really interesting experiment and one I would encourage you to explore yourself. Is really opens up the Champagne vs English Sparkling Wine debate…

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