Elizabeth Rose Wines 2022: What’s In Store?

Elizabeth Rose Wines 2022: Our online-only English & Welsh wine shop, launched 2019, has fast become a firm favourite among UK wine fans. This is mainly because it’s simple, the branding’s impeccable and it’s almost impossible to dislike the wines themselves. Read on to find out more about our story and what’s in store for 2022…

It was a holiday that really led to the brand’s launch. When we were in our mid-twenties, we went on a girl’s break to Cornwall. This was where we really fell in love with English wine. We explored local vineyards and realised the potential that English wine had to offer. That was when we got to work promoting the industry online. This had the power to connect us to lots of vineyards across the country. We soon realised that this thriving industry was where we wanted to be.

Elizabeth Rose Wines is all about taste, quality and community

Elizabeth Rose Wines is unique because it comes from the heart. Becky and I had no prior experience in the wine industry, but we did have drive and passion to launch a quality English wine brand. We put all of our spare time into the brand. We slightly underestimated what a busy market with stiff competition English wine is. It has helped us to surround ourselves with people who had knowledge greater than our own and become sponges – we still are today.

Elizabeth Rosé is our one-off own-brand rosé project. We are a self-financed, independent brand, so it takes a lot longer to scale new launches. However, the main reason this is a one-off project is because we’re busy shouting the praises of our vineyard partners across the UK. We want to release a follow-up wine, but we also want to have a strong, unique presence in the industry, and that requires a lot of work.

This year, our plan is to continue to expand slowly. Our next step is to really double-down on our core values as a business – taste, quality and community. Finally, we want to introduce new collaborations and share the incredible work being done by others across the country. These are, after all, what have made Elizabeth Rose what it is today.

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