You’ve Been Drinking White Wine Wrong…!

Martin's Lane Chardonnay

Drinking wine wrong? Hmm, this all sounds a bit like fuddy duddy wine talk to me! Fear not! We are just here to enhance your wine drinking experience.

Most people enjoy drinking white wines and pop them in their fridge to get them nicely chilled and ready for drinking. Your fridge is usually running at about 5˚C which is actually too cold for a lot of white wines, especially fuller bodied white wines.

Here’s a general guide to the temperature you should aim for when you serve your wines…

English Sparkling Wine – 5˚C

Light and fruity wines, like a Bacchus or Pinot Noir Rose – 8˚C

Fuller bodied wines, like a Chardonnay or White Pinot – 12˚C

Light and fruity red wines, like an un-oaked Pinot Noir – 12˚C

Deep and rich red wines, like an oaked blend – 16˚C

So what happens if your wine is at the “wrong” temperature? Firstly, everyone is different and you should be drinking wine at the temperature you most enjoy, so have a little experiment, drink that Pinot Noir red slightly chilled, warm up that Rose and see what you think – it might just surprise you what you discover!

I discovered that fuller bodied white wines are best drunk warmer. I stumbled across this completely by accident, but it’s completely changed how I now enjoy these wines.

When fuller bodied white wines are too cold it restricts their flavour. Less fruit, less body and more acidity!

These are my top 5 wines to try warmer…

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