Is There A Shortage of English Wine?

Brexit made it harder to import wine. COVID made people look for businesses closer to home. At the same time, demand for English and Welsh wine has gone crazy! Is there a shortage of English and Welsh wine?

Vineyards in the UK are largely small, family run businesses that have limits on how many bottles that can create each year.

Whilst more and more vineyards are popping each year, they can take 3-5 years to crop a good volume. This means that we’ll need to wait a little longer before we see these bottles come to market.

At Elizabeth Rose Wines, we find that vintages are selling out before a new vintage is ready. This leaves customers disappointed if they find a wine they love and they’ve not stocked up in time. We strongly recommend customers buy a few more bottles of their most loved wines and that’s why we offer deals on our mixed 6 and mixed 12 cases.

So, is there a shortage of English wine? Well… yes, we think so! Demand is outstripping supply at the moment. Buy your favourite wines while you can!

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