This Bestselling Rosé Has Just Landed At Elizabeth Rose Wines

Fans of Folc will remember when their iconic 2020 release put them on the map – now, the brand has reimagined its bestselling rosé for 2021, and the good news is it’s as vibrant, textured and fresh as you remember. Created to be your English alternative to Provence rosé, the Folc English Rosé 2020 is dry with aromas of wild raspberry, elderflower and pink grapefruit. A palate of strawberries and cream is balanced by floral notes that keep you sipping all day long. Here’s what you need to know about Folc co-founder Elisha Rai…

Folc co-founder Elisha Rai raises a glass of rosé

Elisha Rai started her career as a qualified corporate and commercial lawyer. She held a longstanding wish to turn her passion for wine into a business. Elisha envisaged a modern-minded English wine that challenged the lack of diversity in the UK wine industry. She champions the need and customer desire for modern wine brands that speak to them. Elisha also represents women in wine and supports the English wine movement. She embraces her role as an ambassador for BAME women in the UK wine business. At Folc, Elisha is responsible for all matters branding, marketing, communications, partnerships and legal/regulatory related. Elisha is hugely proud of her bestselling rosé and will be speaking with Elizabeth Rose Wines co-founders Sara Thake and Becky Glover at 6.30pm on 25th June 2021 live on Instagram – don’t miss it.

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